The Free Methodist Church in Europe


The Free Methodist Church in Europe


Europe Alive! at General Conference 2019

The Free Methodist Church in Europe will host daily Europe receptions during GC19 at the Europe Villa. The reception hosts will be Lori Glossenger and José and Ada Hernández.


The Europe Villa will be open from noon to 5:00 p.m., Tuesday through Friday

  • Coffee and European style snacks will be served
  • Each day will focus on a different region of Europe
    • Tuesday: Portugal/Spain/Mediterranean
    • Wednesday: Greece/Bulgaria/Balkans
    • Thursday: Hungary/Ukraine/Carpathian
    • Friday: UK/France/Belgium/Northern Europe
  • A “taste” of each country being featured will be offered
  • Missionaries and national leaders from each country will be present


The Europe Alive! Passport

A Europe Alive! Passport has been produced to encourage everyone, young and old alike, to learn more about the work of the Free Methodist Church in Europe. Each page of the passport features a different European country where the Free Methodist Church is working. When the passport is issued a photo of the passport holder will be taken and affixed in the front of the passport.


The goal is to find out five facts about each country.

  1. Where are the Free Methodist churches?
  2. What are the ministries?
  3. Who are the leaders?
  4. What are the prayer requests?
  5. List a fun fact about the country.

When all five are completed, that passport page will be stamped. When all the pages have been stamped, the passport holder may claim a reward.


The Europe Alive! Interest Survey

In an effort to establish good communication with those people interested in the work of the Free Methodist Church in Europe, an Europe Alive! Interest Survey is available for people to complete, either in the Europe area of the main exhibit hall, in the Europe Villa, or with any member of the Europe Missionary Team. In addition, the survey may be completed online using a standard web browser.