The Free Methodist Church in Europe


The Free Methodist Church in Europe

Where we are at work

Ways the Free Methodist Church is making a difference in Europe


Belgium: Central African church, multinational church, Hispanic ministry, church planting (Brussels, Oostende, Diksmuide)


Bulgaria: Church planting, pastoral training, micro-enterprise development, equipping youth, St. John’s Home for at-risk girls, work against human trafficking


France: Haitian church (Cergy)


Greece: Multinational church, refugee and immigrant outreach, work against human trafficking, prayer ministry (Thessaloniki, Athens)


Hungary: Church planting, English outreach, MOPS, support for at-risk children and youth, recovery groups, work against human trafficking, Life Skills Program (Budapest, Győr)

North Macedonia: Church planting, resourcing, pastoral training


Portugal: Church planting, School of Leaders, resourcing through publications, worship and marriage seminars (Lisbon, Corroios)


Republic of Ireland: Congolese church (Monaghan)


Serbia: Church planting, resourcing, pastoral training


Spain: Community Church Planting initiatives, Logos Learning Center, John Wesley Theological Seminary, expatriate church, church planting (Canary Islands, Madrid, Murcia, Barcelona)


Ukraine: Simple church, rehabilitation center, ministry to those affected by PTSD (Rivne)


United Kingdom and Northern Ireland: Established annual conference, resourcing partner with the FM ministries on the continent


Throughout Europe: The Impact Europe - L:10:E Network is a discipleship and church planting initiative based on the principles and teaching found in Luke 10:1-20.  L:10:E contextualizes the Community Church Planting (CCP) methodology of planting churches for the various cultural and political realities that exist throughout Europe. Read more about Impact Europe: