Monday, June 12, 2017

FM Church Leaders Conference - Highlights

The FM Church Leaders Conference is a gathering for pastors and key leaders of local Free Methodist congregations in Europe. It will be held at Hotel Benczúr in Budapest, Hungary. The theme of the conference is "Relevant: Our Lord, Our Lives, and Our Church" and each of the three days of the conference will be devoted to ways that we can show the relevance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our lost and dying world. A partial listing of the conference speakers and topics follows.

Wednesday, November 15—"Relevant: Our Lord"
                   ”The Full Gospel” — Opening Message 
                                  by Rev. David Carr, Renewal Christian Centre (Solihull, UK)
Thursday, November 16 —"Relevant: Our Lives"
                   “Activating Church Members for Ministry”  — Keynote Address
                                  by Rev. Sergio Rosell, OMS-Spain
                 “Identifying and Using the Spiritual Gifts”
                                  by Rev. Gerald Coates, Free Methodist World Missions
                 “Re-visioning Your Ministry” — Workshop
                                 by Rev. John Townley, Free Methodist Church in the UK
                 “Our Lives at Their Best” — Evening Message
                                 by Rev. Mitch Pierce, FMWM Northern Europe Regional Director
Friday, November 17 — "Relevant: Our Church"
                 “Activating our Churches for Service” — Keynote Address
                                 by Rev. Mark VanValin from Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church (USA)
                 “Microenterprise” — Workshop
                                 by Dr. David and Rose Brewer, SEED Livelihood (USA)
                 “Outreach and Mission” — Workshop
                                 by Rev. Andrew Gardner, Free Methodist Church in the UK
                  “Our Church at Its Best” — Evening Message
                                by Rev. Josh Fajardo, FMWM Southern Europe Director
                   Ordination Service
                                led by Bishop David Roller

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