Friday, March 17, 2017

Relevant: Our Lord, Our Lives, and Our Church

Some time ago a British friend of mine boldly said, "Christianity is no longer relevant in today's society." He said this at a time when he had just lost his job, his marriage was breaking up, and he was moving back to England. I was saddened by this, and by the fact that so many other people in Hungary and around the world feel the same way. It shouldn't be so!

The theme of the 2017 Church Leaders Conference is "Relevant: Our Lord, Our Lives, and Our Church" and during the conference we plan on considering how the gospel IS relevant. Each of the three days of the conference will be devoted to ways that we can show the relevance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our lost and dying world.

The theme for Wednesday, November 15 is "Relevant: Our Lord" and our evening speaker, Rev. David Carr, will present a message on "The Full Gospel."

The theme for Thursday, November 16 is "Relevant: Our Lives" and our keynote speaker, Rev. Sergio Rosell, will speak on how every church member can participate in the work of the ministry and be involved in evangelism. Rev. Gerald Coates will lead a session on identifying and using our spiritual gifts on this day as well, and there will be several workshop opportunities. Rev. Mitch Pierce will be the evening speaker.

The theme for Friday, November 17 is "Relevant: Our Church" and our keynote speaker, Rev. Mark VanValin will speak on the three essential elements for every church -- Worship, Connection, and Service. David and/or Rose Brewer of SEED Livelihoods will lead a workshop on micro-enterprise and there will be time for interaction between conference participants and conference leaders. Rev. Josh Fajardo will be the evening speaker.

The 2017 Church Leaders Conference will conclude on Friday night with an ordination service, led by Bishop David Roller.  #fmclc2017

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